Nursing Review Classes

Canadian Practical Nursing Review Exam PREP Class (CPNRE), NCLEX for registered nursing exam will assist foreign trained nurses

  • Learn knowledge and skill required to be successful in writing CPNRE or NCLEX

  • CPNRE or NCLEX Mock/Simulation Exam

  • Gain competence and confidence in preparing for the CPNRE

  • Learn and be mentored by experience Canadian Clinical Nurse Educators

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  • Prepare and build competency to participate in OSCE
  • Identify Strategies in enhancing performance in clinical assessment situations
  • Learn how to effectively demonstrate required nursing 2 clinical skills as expected in OSCE major core competencies

Physical Health Assesstment for RN and RPN
Medication Administration for RN and RPN
Palliative Care Nursing
Wound Care Nursing